What Our Students Say

As a woman nearing 40, having ridden in my early teens, I was concerned about even trying to get back to a sport I had loved so long ago. My experience with Patch Wood Farms has  been amazing - now I'm just upset I let my nervousness hold me back. Kathleen and Reya are excellent trainers - I feel confident and challenged when I'm with them. I am consistently impressed with their mission for the farm, the horses and their riders. I encourage anyone of any age to learn more about Patch Wood Farm!

I was nervous when I first arrived at Patch Wood Farm, but they made me feel welcomed. I quickly felt like a part of the big farm family. Kathleen and Rhea are very patient teachers. They take their time going through the basics in order to build a strong foundation for a balanced and independent seat in the saddle. I enjoyed the many shows, beach rides, and trail rides that Patch Wood Farm offers to their students. Rhea and Kathleen have provided me with the instruction to become a better rider. I never thought I had the ability to get to the riding level I'm at today. I have Rhea,... read more

This farm benefits me in many ways and here are just four of them.  First, I have become such a better rider, better than I was at when I was at another farm.  I can now canter bareback, at the other farm I was not allowed to ride bareback.  Second, I have made so many new friends.  Like Emma, Lexi, Lizzie, and Brook.  One bond I have made that can never be broken is the one that I have made with Eatsi.  I wake up every Saturday morning thinking about her and hoping that I get to ride her.  She is my best friend for life.  

Next, I get to volunteer at the farm.  During volunteering... read more

I never thought that I would regain that feeling that I had as a young girl riding horses.  The natural setting and supportive atmosphere of Patch Wood Farm has rekindled those moments that I never thought I would have again.  Kathleen and Rhea provide each rider with the right amount of support.  The lessons are tailored to the individual riders.  The horses on the farm are wonderful, riders of any ability can find a perfect match.  I love having the opportunity to ride on the beach or the trails, and Patch Wood Farm makes it possible.  The volunteer program, overseen by Kathleen and Rhea... read more