Abby Bowler

This farm benefits me in many ways and here are just four of them.  First, I have become such a better rider, better than I was at when I was at another farm.  I can now canter bareback, at the other farm I was not allowed to ride bareback.  Second, I have made so many new friends.  Like Emma, Lexi, Lizzie, and Brook.  One bond I have made that can never be broken is the one that I have made with Eatsi.  I wake up every Saturday morning thinking about her and hoping that I get to ride her.  She is my best friend for life.  

Next, I get to volunteer at the farm.  During volunteering I get to muck stalls and paddocks, feed the horses, groom the horses and even ride. I love to volunteer because I get to spend time with the animals (horses, dogs, goats and bunnies) and my new friends. Finally, Patch Wood Farm has shown me that I can be held responsible and trusted by my two favorite instructors, Kathleen and Rhea.  I am able to get my own horse for a lesson and tack him or her up on my own.  Those are the four ways that I benefit from the farm.