Rescued Horses

At Patch Wood Farm the horses come first. We welcome horses seeking asylum from a variety of situations from owner surrenders to horses heading to slaughter, these lives all deserve to be saved. Once rescued, they are cared for, rehabilitated, and loved. We dedicate our time to each rescue horse to ensure that they have the personal care and attention that they need before being placed in a permanent home where they continue to receive love and care. In fact, most of our resident horses are rescue horses that were once given up but are now beloved lesson horses and teachers. We privately fund all rescue efforts, with occasional assistance from our generous barn family. Yes, we are a family, and these four-legged members are our most valuable legacies.


Gavin is also a new member. He is the first one to meet you at the gate and is always up for some play time. He likes to be ridden and likes to jump. He was saved at the New Holland auction at 3 years old after racing 12 times. He has lots of potential. -Emma