Rescued Horses

At Patch Wood Farm the horses come first. We welcome horses seeking asylum from a variety of situations from owner surrenders to horses heading to slaughter, these lives all deserve to be saved. Once rescued, they are cared for, rehabilitated, and loved. We dedicate our time to each rescue horse to ensure that they have the personal care and attention that they need before being placed in a permanent home where they continue to receive love and care. In fact, most of our resident horses are rescue horses that were once given up but are now beloved lesson horses and teachers. We privately fund all rescue efforts, with occasional assistance from our generous barn family. Yes, we are a family, and these four-legged members are our most valuable legacies.


Selena is  retired polo pony we rescued from auction and she is now one of our treasured lesson horses. She teaches many of our younger students on the flat and is fantastic on the trails. She is a great size for smaller students to work with on the ground and under saddle.


Barney is an American Warmblood gelding we rescued from auction in 2012. He is used for our intermediate and advanced students. He loves to event and also be out on the trails. He has wonderful ground manners and is a favorite of our campers to bathe and paint during camp weeks. Barney lives with Violet and they are great friends.


Graham was a 14-hands Welsh pony who was rescued in 2013 and was recently adopted out. When he first came here he wouldn’t let anyone touch him, or even near him. He was a favorite of many and will be cherished in our hearts! He was in the lesson program for quite a while and now is sold to someone who loves him dearly.- Cici


Woody, a 16 year old Quarter Horse, was an owner surrender and arrived at Patch Wood in 2012 . He was quickly put to work as a lesson horse. Gentle and friendly, he loved all the kids and his pasture mates. He was always careful with his riders, but was happy to choose his own path if the young ones forgot to steer. Eventually it was clear he wanted a home of his very own. Karen, a student, really liked him and had a farm that needed a horse. Since February of 2012 Woody has been a farm horse. While he spends most days grazing in the field with his sidekick Nightshade, he has also proven his talent herding sheep. It seems he must have had some cutting training in a past life so he and his new Dad ride around the farm occasionally round up escaped sheep. When he isn’t laying in the sun or chasing sheep, he and Karen take trail rides and occasionally he indulges her in that silly English riding. He is always at the gate to greet visitors and has a lifelong job as a well-loved and spoiled herding horse and Karen’s best friend.




I leased Dahli through Patch Wood Farm to play beginner polo on. Dahli knew her job better than I did, and taught me so much along the way. She often out performed younger and more agile horses. I find that when one is learning this sport, it is always best to find a steady steed, and I absolutely did in Dahli. She grew my confidence by leaps and bounds and was advanced enough to let me grow as well. She was a fantastic horse who I will never forget! I hope she is enjoying her retirement and that she knows how much I appreciated her patience and care for me on the field. She was pulled from Camelot Auction in New Jersey.


Octavia rescued from New Holland in April of 2015. She was saved by Emma T who rides at Patch Wood. She was a young mare with lots of spunk!! She loved to jump and go cross country. She then found her a wonderful home in 2016. - Emma



Sonic was a perfect pony. He was a camp horse throw away that Patch Wood Farm heard about from another rescue before he ended up at the auction. He would do whatever you want, walk, trot and canter even jump for you!! He did not get along with bugs at all, he even lost his fur and got skinny if he wasn't given special treatment. He was definitely a farm favorite and he always will be. He passed away in 2013. -Emma


Mackenzie is a new member of the farm, she is a lazy older mare, but still has some sass left. She loves kids and is very obedient. Her favorite thing to do is go for walks in the woods!! We can't wait to see her become healthy again. -Emma