Our Horses

Violet is our super star eventing pony. She is a fantastic jumper and is game to jump anything you point her at. She has a stubborn side but is another favorite of our more advanced students.

Eatsi is a 16 year old Thoroughbred mare and is our resident polo pony and show horse. She enjoys trail riding, beach rides and hunter paces too. She is a favorite of many of our riders. She can be moody sometimes but is always fun to ride and show.

Splash is a one of a kind mare. She has spent many years in the show ring and is now passing on her knowledge to her beginner riders. She is perfect for anyone's first ride but will also happily gallop along the beach keeping up with the others. We can't say enough good things about her, she is truly a saint.


Leasing a Horse

We offer half and full leasing of our horses.

Leasing includes use of our facilities, tack, and full use of the horse you lease on your specified leasing days. We also welcome you along on our trail rides, showing weekends, hunter paces, and beach rides.

We also offer specialized breaking and training services at your farm or here at ours.

Leasing prices vary. Please contact us for more information or to get a quote!

Our Other Animals

Peter and Alexander are the first animals you will see on your way down to the horses. They love greetng our students and are always hoping to get a snack from visitors.

Rocco is the son of Riley and Oliver. He was born here at the farm and is now a beloved member of the farm.

Rooney and Riley are the best goats in the world! They are our resident watch dogs and are also in charge of weed control and testing our fences on a daily basis. They come when called and enjoy treats and love most of all. They are always a hit in the local parade and state fair.