Our Horses

Dextra is an 18 year old Dutch Warmblood Cross mare. She is a phenomenal jumper that enjoys fox hunting as well as the show ring. She is Rouvin's mother and Kathleen's primary event horse.

Frosty is a 23 year old Thoroughbred we rescued at auction in 2011. He is now one of our most prized lesson horses. Frosty excells at dressage and also loves to jump (sometimes a little too much!). He has wonderful steady gaits and  great work ethic. He has made a great addition to our lesson program.


Leasing a Horse

We offer half and full leasing of our horses.

Leasing includes use of our facilities, tack, and full use of the horse you lease on your specified leasing days. We also welcome you along on our trail rides, showing weekends, hunter paces, and beach rides.

We also offer specialized breaking and training services at your farm or here at ours.

Leasing prices vary. Please contact us for more information or to get a quote!

Our Other Animals

Oliver is our biggest Nubian goat. He is one of our more gentle goats and loves to run around with our students and 4H members. He is always a big hit at the Sandown Town Parade.

Cinna is our favorite Miniature Horse. She is also probably the smallest mini you will meet, she is 24'' tall and 85 pounds. Cinna excells at agility and is a faovirte of our younger students. She has tons of personality to make up for her small size!

Sal is our amazing mamoth donkey. He was rescued at the New Holland, PA auction in 2009 for $30 and has been a member of our family ever since. He loves to be brushed and is always coming to the gate when visitors come to get hugs.

Our Irish Jacks are the life of the party. Whether we are teaching, riding, or doing barn chores our faithful little Jacks are always there.

For more information on our wonder Irish Jacks and Hunt Terriers visit ImportedJacks.com.